Catholic Prophecy being fulfilled …

This is especially interesting since it goes back to 1999 … Look at what has happened since then and what is happening in both France and Italy


VATICAN CITY, OCT 14, 1999 (ZENIT).- During his words in the Synod hall, Italian Franciscan Archbishop Giuseppe Bernardini of Smyrna, Turkey, who has lived in the Islamic world for 42 years, censured Muslims for their lack of reciprocity toward Christians’ efforts of dialogue. The Vatican Press Office published the text of his address yesterday, which explicitly denounces the Muslims’ irrational hostility toward Catholics.

Archbishop Bernardini quoted an “important Muslim figure who, during an Islamic-Christian meeting said: ‘Thanks to your democratic laws, we shall invade you; and thanks to our religious laws, we shall dominate you.’

Author of Trial, Tribulation & Triumph Desmond Birch comments: 

Approved Catholic Prophecy speaks of such an invasion for sometime in the future.

Catholic prophecy speaks of a future invasion of the heart of Christendom (Western Europe) both by Muslim and Russian armies. Right now (under current conditions) the only credible threat the Russians pose to anyone (beside military lightweights such as Chechnya) is a nuclear threat (My Note: Not any more! RE: Russia’s military activity in Ukraine and now Syria). According to Catholic prophecy from many approved Catholic prophets (Canonized Saints, Blessed and Venerable), the following scenario is in store for some time in the future.

[As you may guess, Desmond does not think it is the far distant future.] By the way, my European contacts, several of whom work in/with several European intelligence communities, confirm that several nations are in deep trouble as far as internal integrity – i.e., it would not take a great deal to kick them over the edge into civil disorder. Two of the most prominent on that list are; 1st – France, 2nd – Italy. (My Note – see stories at the two links for France ad Italy at top of this post for examples of this present reality)That would/should surprise no one who reads much on Europe.

1. Sometime in the future France and Italy go into civil war at almost the same time – France will probably be first. “When everyone believes that peace is assured, when everyone least expects it, …Revolution will break out in Italy almost at the same time as in France:” [Ecstatic of Tours, Trial, Tribulation and Triumph (TTT) p. 360.]

This happens after an economic collapse that is quite general throughout Europe  (My personal assessment is that this will be more or less worldwide). We also have an Italian, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, prophesying about the same revolution in France (By the way, these prophecies are not speaking about the ‘French Revolution’, which was long over when these prophecies were made in the 19th century);

“France shall fall into a frightful anarchy. The French shall have a desperate civil war during the course of which even old men will take up arms.” (Page 363, TTT)

Another approved prophet, Fr. Nectou (a Jesuit Provincial in France) prophesied about a future civil war in France. He was not prophesying the late 18th century ‘French Revolution’, because he speaks of the total destruction of Paris, which has not yet happened, and he speaks of it being a general condition “not confined to France”.

Fr. Netou prophesied:

“During this Revolution, which will very likely be general and not confined to France, Paris will be destroyed…” Fr. Nectou goes on to describe what many of us call the “Age of Peace” as following this time of Revolution.

“Justice will reign throughout the whole world, and the counterrevolution will be accomplished.” (TTT, p. 351) [The meaning of the term “counterrevolution” is explained in this section of TTT.]

2. There are numerous other approved Catholic prophets quoted in TTT describing the same thing. This entire scenario will take civil authorities by surprise, certainly as to the speed with which things develop. The Vatican will be one of the few authorities that will not be surprised. This will be largely due to the fact that there are a number of orthodox men in the Vatican who are very knowledgeable about Catholic Church approved prophecies. (My Note: See Mercy Radio for more approved Catholic prophecies).

3. The civil war in both France and Italy will take on a specifically anti-Catholic animus. This civil war in France will develop basically into a general war between Catholics (and a few allies) and the anti-Christian forces (particularly in France) which have been running those countries for centuries. That ruling pattern began with the French Revolution in France. It began/culminated with Garibaldi in Italy.

4. The Catholics will be on the verge of being wiped out in France, when, a great military Catholic leader will come to the fore in France. (The prophecies lead me to believe that by this point, the Catholics and Protestants are fighting on the same [Christian] side against anti-Christian forces.)

5. ABOUT THE SAME TIME, A RUSSIAN ARMY WITH SOME “PRUSSIAN” (spell that East German) COUNTERPARTS WILL INVADE FRANCE AND SURROUNDING COUNTRIES. The Russians will invade out of desperation. It will match their historic pattern. Whenever the Russians have gotten hungry or desperate, historically, they have driven South into the Ukrainian Steps, or East into Poland in order to get what they need. This is a six hundred year old pattern. In this prophesied case, they opt to march West, and do not stop at Poland. (My Note: As you know Russia has already entered Syria)

[Not all of this is spelled out in the prophecies – but much of it is.]

Sr. Elena Aiello made the following prophecy in 1959. She was the founder of the order of the “Calabrians”, an Italian order of nuns.

“Russia will march upon all the major nations of Europe.” (TTT p. 392)

Speaking of the same time and events, Fr. Nectou prophesied,

“In a second battle at Frankfurt, the Prussians lost again and retreated as far as Siegburg, where they were joined with a Russian army. The Russians made common cause with the Prussians.” (That most probably means troops from former East Germany) (TTT, p. 347)


I am filling in the blanks (between the approved prophecies) from 3 sources,

a. My knowledge of history and understanding that it tends to repeat itself,

b. Personal contacts from my younger years, which I have kept alive for the last two decades both on the Hill, and in Europe (both Eastern and Western).

c. Piecing together all of the ‘Intel’ which gets published in many intelligence journals (e.g. British Intelligence Digest). Many things, which would mean nothing to some others, mean much more to someone who has both a Catholic Prophecy roadmap, and contacts in various countries to verify certain items of information, which one reads from time to time.

6. The Russian/Prussian forces are only able to attempt such an invasion due to the fact that what we know as NATO no longer credibly exists due to almost continent-wide general and civil wars which rack Europe for over a year.

Everything is chaos at this point in Europe. Oil pipelines and major refineries and storage depots are gone (if you got em’ and I don’t, I’m going to lose, cause then you will have tanks and planes with fuel, and I won’t). So both sides destroy each other’s petroleum resources and means of storage and distribution. Hence all the Western European oil supply routes are gone by this time.

7. The U.S. has gone into a full-blown civil crisis of its own – thus taking it out of its position to impose “order” in Europe. Russia now has a free “board” to play on in Western Europe. (My Note: Violent and chaotic protests continue to increase across U.S. college campuses, horrendously violent crime and racial tension has dramatically increased across major U.S. cities over the last few years while financial experts across the spectrum warn our entire financial system could soon experience a total collapse. Many sources can be cited. like this story and this one quoting Donald Trump from 2012 when were approaching 16 Trillion in debt … now almost 18 Trillion!)

8. Eventually, at one point through direct Divine intervention, the forces of the French Military leader utterly devastate the Russian/Prussian forces. The decisive battle will take place in Westphalia. Come to my house I’ll show you on a map exactly where the final battle will take place in “the Birch Tree Country”. (Interesting coincidence of name, huh?) That final battle will take place in the hill country East of Paderborn.

9.Late in this scenario (not necessarily in a planned or coordinated manner) the Moslems will attack up through the Balkans. I wrote all of this out in TTT prior to the U.S. handing Kosovo over to fundamentalist Muslim forces on a silver platter. (If you don’t know, the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army is radically militant fundamentalist Moslem.)

10. I have in the last years communicated with several U.S. Intelligence community folks who wanted to know where I was getting my ‘intel’. They refused to believe that it was from Catholic prophecy. That’s no exaggeration.

11. You can read many more details in TTT. 

12. None of the members of my old Ukrainian parish laugh at my prognostications any more, after the advance call of the fall of the Soviet Union – six years in advance – based upon the same prophecies presented here.

Desmond Birch

5 thoughts on “Catholic Prophecy being fulfilled …

  1. I found this Blog in the Comments section of Charlie’s NRS Post about the attacks in Paris. This is a wonderful site! Very informative, well-researched and quite prophetic. I will be a regular reader. God Bless you!


    • Hello Jean and thanks for your comment. The answer is ‘yes’ … I have read of this vision and as Michael Brown from Spirit Daily says here we will probably never really know the answer to certain aspects of this reported vision. It’s up to each person to consider it and either believe it or not. For me, I choose to believe that our Lord did grant George Washington this vision and I do believe it was the Blessed Mother. It makes perfect sense in my opinion. I also believe that our first President died a Catholic!


      • Oh that’s wonderful! I did not know George Washington had died a Catholic!! 🙂 I couldn’t remember where I first came across this ‘vision’ of his but now that you mention Michael Brown I bet that’s where I first heard of it! I always hoped it was true but Charlie said earlier today he thought it was a hoax ( I asked him what he though of it as well) Oh well, it doesn’t matter, I am just happy to hear this about him.
        God bless 🙂 oh and I just wanted to say I LOVE that you have 8 kids- my daughter is on her way to having a very large family as well! I already have 8 grandchildren..and counting :). Big families are the absolute best!!


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